Grinder, by Hamilton author Mike Knowles, is the second in a trilogy. It's loaded with compact, colourful writing that aims for that tiny spot between your eyes... a dead centre hit. Grinder is rich in blunt detail, a sharp lesson in economic completeness. Knowles makes his explosive point, moves forward and leaves your imagination reeling yet ready for more. Wilson is a grinder, someone who finds out everything. Bullets are among his chief assets. And he's very good at his job. In a few brief chapters bad boy Wilson recovers from serious bullet wounds, disappears along with $200,000, and surfaces on a boat off P.E.I. It's all vividly drawn and unpredictable. A Hamilton mobster's nephew is missing -- not a great loss and likely deserved. But it turns the mobster septic and Wilson returns to settle the mess. The grinder grinds--the guilty pay -- there are no innocents. Read Mike Knowles' first novel, Darwin's Nightmare, and now, Grinder. They are sharp, focused indications of a fine, new noir talent in our midst. Hang in there for the third.