Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kind Words For In Plain Sight

“There's nothing prissy, genteel, or insincere in Mike Knowles' work — prose so spare it flirts with cruelty, that cuts scalpel-clean and just as precise, and crackles with the kind of talent and energy that not only makes it difficult to put down, but that sends you frantically looking for his next book. Hard-boiled, hard-edged, hard-core, but never once crossing into parody or pastiche. There is power here, and Knowles knows how to use it.”

— Greg Rucka, author of the Atticus Kodiak crime fiction series

“Think Canadian crime fiction is soft? Mike Knowles proves otherwise, in this tense, terse, bloody-knuckled thriller. Knowles doesn’t do “nice” and his antihero, Wilson, makes Mike Hammer look like a well-adjusted pacifist. In Plain Sight is a kick in the nuts with steel-toed boots.”

— Sean Chercover, author of Trigger City and Big City, Bad Blood

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