Saturday, July 18, 2009


Coming September 2009

“You brought me back into this because you know what I am. I’m a grinder, I find out everything.”

Bullets squared everything. There was almost nothing left. Wilson left his old boss alive and his old life behind in exchange for a clean slate. He held up his end of the bargain and stayed off the grid. For two years Wilson had some peace until a man came calling. The man brought a gun — and a woman in his trunk. Over a thousand kilometres from home, Wilson learns that the city doesn’t let go and people don’t forget. The city is more than bricks; it’s a hammer, it’s blood, it’s a machine running on the backs of hard men and women and the hardest man there remembers Wilson. And now he wants him to come home.

Mobster Paolo Donati’s nephews are missing and the only suspects are his own men. Wilson is pulled back from his new life to work under the radar and find out who is responsible. Wilson is back to being what he was — a grinder. Now all bets are off and before he’s done, everyone will pay.

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