Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grinding Down to the Release

Some early words of encouragement for Grinder. Seriously, what chance to you have of not loving it. Even my mom says it's good.

How wonderful to read a novel that just electrifies and entertains at once. Terrific opening chapters on the true reality of what a gun shot actually does, and scenes of deep sea tuna fishing that would have enchanted Hemingway and certainly educated me. Cracker of a great story too, involving the Russian mob, old style gangsters, cross and double-cross, and revenge. Fine, polished narrative that makes it look so easy—the sign of a real pro. Grinder is a terrific read.

Ken Bruen, author of the Guards, winner of the 2003 Shamus Award

Mike Knowles has done a masterful piece of writing in Grinder. He catches the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings just right, and when his characters speak, we know exactly who they are. Wilson's return to Hamilton is fast, angry, smart, and very, very tough.

Thomas Perry, author of sixteen novels and winner of the 1983 Edgar Award for Best First Novel.

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